This page is for AfterShock the first game created by Focus Studios, this page will include news, updates, images, videos and everything you need to know about the AfterShock.


The Official AFTERSHOCK FORUMS is now LIVE! We will be posting on here a lot now and we hope to see you guys there as well! We may host some giveaways and polls on there as well. Also you can sign up via steam so that's pretty nifty :) Kind Regards, Sam

13th / September / 2017

AFTERSHOCK - Weekly Update #3 - Patreon Map Updates

Welcome to the Week 3 Update! We don't usually make posts about donations as we only usually send out our Patreon to people who ask for it. Although after receiving messages asking about how you can get earlier access to the game or even "Pre-Ordering" we always just link to the Patreon. Our Patreon has many different tiers with different rewards and paying $15 will get you access to the game a day early and your name in the credits, we are also planning to release more free stuff for people who support us on Patreon. You can find our Patreon here: We also will be posting our current Patreons here every week to thank you for supporting us as we develop AFTERSHOCK
Esseker Updates:
Production has BEGUN! We have started work on the Esseker remake and have been making good progress, we have worked with the official creator/s of Esseker and gotten the actual height-map from them so the terrain should be exactly the same! Here is a few pictures of the underpass you can find in the main city of Esseker near the river: That concludes this weeks update, if you have any questions feel free to leave them down below! Kind Regards, AFTERSHOCK DEV TEAM (FOCUS STUDIOS)
Thanks to the following for supporting us on Patreon!:

12th / September / 2017

AFTERSHOCK - Weekly Update #2.5 - The Storm Never Passed

Attention Survivors!
We have a new quick update for you all, expect some of these for smaller news that we wish to share to you before the next larger weekly update! Our Sound/Music Engineer Martin who joined the team a few weeks ago has finished the first official song for the official soundtrack, check it out here: Be sure to send some love in the videos comments for Martins amazing work! Kind Regards, AFTERSHOCK DEV TEAM (FOCUS STUDIOS)

5th / September / 2017

AFTERSHOCK - Weekly Update #2 - Welcome to Esseker!

Welcome to the Week 2 Update!
Welcome to Esseker!
Esseker was a work-in-progress map for Arma 3 aiming to capture the feeling of survival in a semi-fictional Eastern European country after the fall of civilization. After talking to the creator himself we have come to an agreement to rebuild this map in UE4 for AFTERSHOCK, the reason we are really excited to do this is one its an incredible map that really brings out the apocalyptic side and it means you can all get a grasp of what the map will be like by checking out the map in arma 3 right now: We will be working hard for the next few months to recreate this map with the time and care it deserves, we are very grateful to the original team of Esseker for allowing us to recreate such a beautiful map for you all to enjoy.
- Added view of body/legs in first person - Added server option to change the time of day on server launch and the amount of time it takes to go through a full day/night cycle. - Bug Fixes - Added Esseker Map File. (Progress to be showcased weekly) More info on that will be talked about in the future. That concludes this weeks update, if you have any questions feel free to leave them down below! We apologize for the lack of content for this weeks update (Although the map update is big news), we have been busy dealing with planning out the way we are going to go about making this map and learning new methods with Unreal Engine 4's terrain system/Material system to make the best out of the Remake. Thank you all for the ongoing support ^_^ Kind Regards, AFTERSHOCK DEV TEAM (FOCUS STUDIOS)

3rd / September / 2017

AFTERSHOCK - Weekly Update #1 - Testers Map Updates + Welcoming A New Member!

We are officially starting Weekly Updates starting from now so that you can all stay in the loop for everything AFTERSHOCK related :)
New Member To Focus Studios
Firstly i want to welcome our new Music/Sound Engineer Martin! He is working hard on the games ambience and soundtrack and we cant wait to share you all what he is working on in the upcoming weeks, be sure to give him a warm welcome.
Next on the agenda is Testing:
Around a month ago we made a post asking what way we should pick testers? We have decided on how we will go about it, we will pick people based on their PC specs, gathering a large range of pc specs so we can make sure that the game can run on all systems at a decent framerate. More info on that will be talked about in the future.
The Maps development is making incredible progress!
We now have a comment from Sam (Lead Developer): Thanks everyone for the support, we all know you are excited for the games release in the future, we hope to have a gameplay video come out once the map is near completion, around two months ago we had to kick our level designer who i will not name as we arent here to cause drama, he used demo scenes from assets and was generally rude to the whole team, we since then have not been able to find a new level designer so i took on the role myself, for the past two months i have been studying level design and i have now started on the official map (2 weeks ago). I cant wait to share more with you all. Please note the map has only been in development in two weeks and is based off real world terrain from Bosnia, the terrain and grass was the main first step in creating the world
Update from the art department:
Also our lead artist Andre has started working on the male character model which will be fully customizable in game, we dont have any images of the model as he has only started to work on it now but here is a model of a zombie he has made for another project:
New Sky System & Swimming
We are happy to announce we are now using Simuls TrueSky system, using money from patreon we are now able to afford to work with Simul's truesky system to bring the best sky system we can to you! With 3D volumetric clouds and realistic transitions to day and night with weather/storms + more. We also have implemented a swimming/diving feature, a good example of it is shown here. Underwater effect WIP: That concludes this weeks update, if you have any questions feel free to leave them down below! Kind Regards, AFTERSHOCK DEV TEAM (FOCUS STUDIOS) PS: we do not have any public set release date, any date you hear from someone isnt true and dont be suprised if we dont release on that date you heard. We arent rushing this game, we hope you stick by with us and we hope to bring the experience to you that we initially promised. :)

28th / August / 2017

Moving Forward!

Hello Everyone, My name is Sam, im the Lead Developer of AfterShock and im also the guy who founded the team (focus studios) back in late 2015. It has been just over 1 year since we switched to Unreal Engine 4 and began the process of making back the progress we lost when we switched engines, the past year and a half has been an incredible ride and i my self personally have learned so much. The support of the community has been incredible, thank you so much! Also no we arent stopping development, i have good news actually! I have decided to gather an official testing group of 10 individuals who will in the next few months recieve a key to the game and will have to test the game to the max! As for how we will decide on these people is still undecided. Thats why im here to ask you how you believe we should go about this process so that its fair but is also gonna work out effectively for us. The only rule we have is that you must be over the age of 16+. Please dont take this to heart if you are younger and are interested in the game or testing games as a whole, dont let that discourage you from getting involved in the industry. Thank you all so much for the support once again and we will have videos and new screenshots to share in the upcoming months and expect more streams. Twitch: (going live tomorrow at 8PM NZT with some aftershock work, cant wait to meet some of you there!)

If you still havent joined our discord feel free to do so as we post alot there!

26th / July / 2017

Straw Poll: Main Menu Design/Style/Theme Images from Discord Server!

Attention Survivors! Progress is going great here at focus studios but we have one quick question for YOU the community on what style of main menu you believe the game should have!

Do note that the game does have character customization/selection (Keep that in mind when voting).
Kind Regards, Sam
Also here is some images from the discord ;)

18th / July / 2017


Hey there survivors, we recently asked you for questions on the discord about the game and put our answers together for you to take a look at. Thank you all for the continued support.
FAQ: Q: When will the game be released? A: There is no set release date for the game. Although the game is planned for Early Access in late 2017 to early 2018, Focus Studios will not guarantee any dates. Q: Is this game multiplayer? A: Yes. Q: How many players will be in a server? A: Server sizes include 8, 16, 32, and 64. Potential larger and smaller servers may be available after final release Q: What is the backstory to your game? A: Please read the summary on our indiedb page.(edited) Q: How many guns are there and how differently will they perform? A: There will be approximately 60 different weapons(Not this many on launch, this is how many we hope to once reach). Guns will perform similarly to how they do in real life regarding recoil, accuracy, etc. Therefore, many same caliber weapons will be far different from each other (i.e. Saiga-12 and AA-12). Q: How big is the world going to be? A: The first map will be exactly 8km by 8km in size and will be set in the Canadian Shield. Other maps at with varying sizes may come in the future. Q: Will there be vehicles? A: Yes, there will be all kinds of vehicles ranging from motorcycles to off-road vehicles. They will be found all over the map. (SUV, Van, Tractor, Go kart, Sedan, buggie, quad bike, motorcycle, bike) Q: Is the game story based? A: The game will have two sides with a detailed backstory that can be read on our indiedb page. However, the game will not be story based as all multiplayer games will be different and the open world will allow for player decisions.(edited) Q: How many members are there on the dev team? A: Yogen, Liam, Sam, Calvin, Corvalho, Allan, Hoang, Navaro, Ryan, Rob. Ten members in total. June 9, 2017 Q: How much will the game cost? A: The game will cost $15 USD, this was changed due to people believing that $10 was too small. Q: What platforms will the game be released on? A: The game will be released on Steam and potentially other smaller platforms.

25th / June / 2017


19th / May / 2017

250 Discord Members! #AfterShock

Just a quick update post to thank everyone for the support on discord, we just hit 250 Discord Members which is crazy cool! If you havent already joined the discord we recommened that you do for smaller more frequent updates on the game, we post alot of screenshots/gifs/videos of what we are working on at the time as the steam updates ah for more big announcements :) Discord: Thanks everyone once again for the crazy support and we cant wait to show you what we have planned for this year :) Kind Regards, Sam LEAD DEVELOPER

18th / May / 2017