This page is for AfterShock the first game created by Focus Studios, this page will include news, updates, images, videos and everything you need to know about the AfterShock.

Animation Showcase: AS-VAL! #AfterShock

26-03-2017 21:21

Crafting Update/Announcement! #AfterShock

ATTENTION SURVIVORS! First of all before getting into our update we would like to thank the following people for support us on patreon so early on! Now onto the Major Announcement! After recieving countless messages and comments about the ongoing idea of crafting we have decided to do it, this is a big deal to us as it changes the way the game can be progressed when surviving in game (Do not we arent saying this is original as it has been done before). We have designed a system which will be accessed on the main inventory hud on the left hand side, this system will have different tabs like:

[Weapons] [Armor/Clothing] [Building] [Tools] [Cooking!]
Thank you so much for staying tuned, we will either make a new post or update this one once the UI is finalized and ready to showcase! This also means we are one step closer to the gameplay reveal, we want to explain why there hasnt been any yet, as some of you know around 8 - 10 months ago we switched from Unity to Unreal Engine 4, this was large leap for us and alot of people left the team due to not wanting to switch, this was a struggle and alot of progress wasnt made for the first 7 months, only in the last 3 months has the progress been skyrocketing forward! Thats why we appreciate all the patience, i also want to note to people that we havent set any date and none has been set for the past several months, we only have goal dates we strive to reach but they arent guarenteed hense why we dont share those dates with you! We are doing our best here to make the game we all want, so we appreciate all your patience and kindness for the past year. Kind Regards, Sam LEAD DEV

24-03-2017 08:00

Support Us On Patreon Get The Game 5 Days Early and Only For $5 USD!

Patreon: Please note you dont need to donate $5 or more if interested, even just $1-2 would help us out! But please only do this if your interested in supporting the game :) Thanks to tainted for pledging first with $9USD! Attention Survivors! We have just setup a Patreon page and we need your help! We have been getting alot of messages and comments (Mainly on our AfterShock Discord which has been a huge success and thank you so much for that!) about wanting to help support the game or get access early, so we have set up a Patreon so you can do that! The main key point for us to help speed up development was by creating our cheapest tier this:

$5 or more per month - Access to aftershock 5 days before launch - Access to a full copy of the game on launch Also we are overwhelmed with the amount of support as of late so from the team at focus studios,

17-03-2017 00:14

Price Update #AfterShock

Official Price Change for launch (into early access)
$10.00 USD ($14.42 NZD) BEFORE __________V___________ $6.99 USD ($9.99 NZD) AFTER The reason for this change is we believe having more availability to the public makes far more sense then charging you more, this makes the game more affordable for everyone. Although this does mean that on launch there will not be any discount. (We all got to make by ourselves haha) Hope that you all enjoy that news :) Kind Regards, AfterShock Dev Team

13-03-2017 10:45

Quick Update From Sam

Just a quick update that i removed my whole friends list as it was getting full, if you want me added then send me a friend request back Kind Regards, Sam EDIT: made this post because alot of people added me and wanted to stay added but if you do want to just add me back, more updates of the game will come soon :)

13-03-2017 05:34

#AfterShock Update!

Attention Survivors! This is Sam from the AfterShock dev team here with a quick update on how things are going here! We have nearly finished the gunplay update and the map is almost complete. Bikes work great as you saw before in our previous post and due to a small breakthrough we have managed to get cars in the game (WIP atm of course), this is a huge deal to us as vehicles in a survival game in our opinion is what the genre needs, having it on E.A launch would mean to world to us and im sure it would be great for all of you! We also want to apologize for the lack of update posts, we have been working hard and havent found time to post an update with pictures ect due to use being at a weird stage of development, we are getting there and everything is slowly coming together but we feel that until its ready we will not be posting as many updates as we previously did but that does not mean we wont be active here or on the forums ( We value all as key input into the games progression and without all of your ideas and support we wouldnt be here today, we have come from being a generic Unity3D survival game to a full fledged Community Driven Survival Game in Unreal Engine 4 built for YOU! We at Focus Studios cannot thank you enough for the continued and ongoing support! Thank You! Kind Regards, Sam LEAD DEVELOPER OF AFTERSHOCK PS: Gameplay video update is still a thing and will be happening, once it launches on an unset date we will be starting weekly livestreams on the weekend, please comment below times which you believe will best suit everyone!

08-03-2017 05:07

AfterShock Vehicle #1 Announcement!

URGENT NEWS SURVIVORS! We recently have decided to try implement vehicles in one by one and have atleast a few vehicles ready for launch.
The first is a BMX/Bicycle! - 1 Seat - 25 mph (MAX SPEED, be cautious as you will drift off when turning at such high speeds and is only able to be done on flat or downhill terrain) - 10-15 mph (average safe speed) - Is the most common vehicle in the game

04-02-2017 21:59

InGame Photos #AfterShock

Read More: NOTE: The following images were taken from a smaller test scene and not from the official map, although the ruins you see are indeed the ruins you will find in game and were modelled by Andre!

03-02-2017 10:10

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01-02-2017 08:22


The following was taken from the IndieDB Page (Written by Mega/Liam), which you can visit here:
Welcome to our IndieDB page! For all those coming from the Steam and our official website, please be assured that this will not be replacing either of those platforms. However, we will most likely be more active on our IndieDB page due to the simplicity of the system. The page will be moderated by myself (Liam Dyer a.k.a. Mega). If this is your first time with us, feel free to check out our steam page here where we have more information on the game and some old trailers. The game takes place after a major virus called the Earthquake occured. This outbreak quickly spread across the world bringing human life down to near extinction. The people who survived named the new era the Aftershock. The game is set on you being a soldier fighting for a one of two factions: The Faithless and The Guardians At the beginning of the game, you are sent out on a mission to rebuild the Shetlands and clear out the infected but resources are tight and you will mostly have to fend for yourself. The player will spawn in a C130 and be presented with a 20 square kilometer map to explore with friends and survive the deadly infected and dangerous enemy faction. Here's an image of the map from a birds eye perspective. Here are some images of the AS Val and Knife done by myself (Liam) and Andre: Please feel free to join us on our journey by following our page! We'd love to answer any questions you might have. INDIEDB

31-01-2017 04:36